Our Program

Home Visiting Program

Registered Nurses serve families through an evidence-informed home visiting model and provide core services including: 1) health assessments of the infant and mother, 2) extensive screening for issues including maternal depression, infant developmental delays, and risk for child abuse/neglect, 3) education on infant care, safe sleep, formula preparation and breastfeeding, CPR and more, and 4) resources and referrals for needed services. Services are provided as needed for up to two years after birth.

Enriched Assistance

Community Health Worker’s (CHW) often are often added to the care plans of families with additional needs. CHWs often provide families with culturally competent outreach, support, and navigation to community resources.

NFNs Licensed Clinical Social Worker ensure access to mental health services by assisting families with environmental or mental health concerns that may impede the infant’s progress.

Families enrolled are also assisted with donated material items such as diapers, formula, and infant and baby clothing whenever possible. Depending on the extent of the individual family’s needs, additional supplies such as highchairs, car seats, baby baths, both infant and adult hygiene supplies, infant or family nutritional needs, and safe sleep items such as pack n plays needed for safe care.

Demonstrated Successes

Through thoughtful data collection and analysis from our Analytics Team, NFN has established outcomes that include fewer reports of abuse or neglect, increased immunizations, reduced household injuries, reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and several other measurable outcomes. By continually adapting to the trends and needs of current and new populations served, we have successfully served over 118,000 babies and families throughout our 31 year history.


Nurses for Newborns strives to serve any family who needs support around the arrival of their baby, including:

  • Infants with medical concerns or who were in a NICU at birth
  • Pregnant and postpartum women of any age including teens
  • Parents who have a mental health concern or a learning or physical disability
  • Families who want to learn parenting skills
    Families who are in need of resources

To be eligible for services, individuals must reside in one of the counties served by NFN

Family/Self Referrals
If you have questions or think you might benefit from our services, please call us today! Just contact our Intake Department by phone at 314-544-3433 x315.  We are here to help!


Clinical/Medical Referrals

Online Referral
Use our referral form to easily submit a referral request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nurses for Newborns do?

NFN provides a nurse or community health worker to work with you and your baby, providing parenting education, developmental screenings and support.

How much does it cost?

All of our services are FREE of charge!

Can NFN bring me diapers and formula?

If you are a client of NFN and we have the items in stock, yes!

How often does my nurse or community health worker visit me?

It depends on each client’s individual needs. But, prenatally about once a month and postpartum about twice a month.

How long do we visit our clients?

It depends on each client’s individual needs, but we can visit until your baby is 2 years of age if needed.

Can NFN help with my bills?

If you are enrolled in our Alternatives to Abortion program (and funding is available), then yes, we may be able to help. NFN may also be able to direct you to some organizations that may be able to assist as well.